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FOCUS on Thanks!

The Weekend is over, the dust has settled, and the hearing has returned.

Darren, Dan, Alex and Sebastien would like to thank all the acts they got the pleasure of working with over the weekend for FOCUS Wales.

#thankyou - Make-Overs, #chowmwng respectfulchild, Ffloc, Jane Weaver, ANi GLASS, Hilang Child, Mechanical Owl, The Gentle Good, CHRISTOPHER REES (Music - Official Page), Ryan McMullan, Meilir, Martin Carr, George Borowski, Declan O'Donovan, Ivan Moult, #jamesmacgregor, Popstarz - Glan Aber Singers, Gallops, I Fight Lions, The Routines, Blue Genes, Velvet, Sundance Kid, Darren Eedens & the Slim Pickin's, Radio Rhydd, Glove, The Tates, Bermusa, Oblong, Alffa, Quiet Marauder, Al Moses, White Ether, Kate Rusby, Danielle Lewis Music, #deltaacademychoir, Gaz Coombes, Kidsmoke, Atlas Bay

Diolch o galon i Saith Seren Wrexham, St Giles' Church, Wrexham, Undegun, a William Aston Hall, Wrexham

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