Pivotal SL at Chester Folk Festival

Pivotal Sound and Lighting have the pleasure of supporting Chester Folk Festival this weekend by supplying sound equipment and engineers for the main stage. 

Darren and Seb will be working with 20 bands over the Saturday and Sunday of the Festival. The JBL VRX system compliments folk music and this festival perfectly. The sound system offers a clear and well rounded frequency response, without being harsh. The constant curve array tops, set to medium and short throw, easy cover the 30m+ long marquee. "This is the 36th year of working with Chester Folk (SES Audio before becoming Pivotal SL), and I've seen it grow over the years, and we look forward to working with Chester Folk for next 36 years" Tony Pugh, Pivotal Sound & Lighting Director. 

The System - 2 * JBL VRX 932la, 2 * JBL SRX 718 a side. 8 * JBL SRX 712m, 2 * Crown XTi 6002, 4 * Crown XTi 4002, Soundcraft Si Impact, Soundcraft Mini Stagebox 32, Microphone package consistenting of AKG, Shure, Orchid Electronics DI. #chester #chesterfolk #chesterfolkfestival #pivotalsl #soundcraft #jbl #crown #shure #akg #folkfestival #livemusic #pa #sound #audio #livesound